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safe together, strong together

cmu's plan for in-person learning and on-campus living maximizes health and safety by using a methodical, health-driven and collaborative approach. it was built by experts across campus in consultation with local hospitals and public health agencies. it was founded in our belief in the educational value of campus life with in-person instruction. the in-person, comprehensive university experience enriches the mind, integrates communities and advances a humanistic spirit. an open campus unites people with purpose, fosters academic success and provides for personal transformational experiences.  

task force team

july 15, 2020 interim report 

phase 4: the future is now

adaptations and ongoing improvements - october 2020 to present

cmu teams are working to optimize pandemic response plans based on the knowledge built during fall 2020. this next phase shares the same goals as the original: collaboration with medical experts and healthcare leaders to continue to implement campus protocols based on scientific evidence and medical best practices. in this phase we will optimize plans for spring 2020 with continued focus on prevention, virus screening and testing.

phase 3: stronger together

return to campus - august 2020

the safe together, strong together return plan and interim update was released july 17. in august, campus reopened for early start programs and fall classes. cmu's strategy evolved with continuous adaption and layering of strategies and tools. ongoing research, data and medical expert opinions inform an evolving strategy. cmu has taken a nuanced, thoughtful approach to maximizing safety, minimizing risk and delivering critically important in-person instruction.

layering strategies and tools create an effective shield to protect the mavily.


phase 2: building capacity

implementation of safe together, strong together operations plan - june 2020

throughout summer 2020, cmu carefully evaluated operational plans and worked in collaboration with mesa county public health to phase in openings of some facilities including the hamilton recreation center, the maverick store, the el pomar natatorium, and select outdoor recreational spaces and venues.

phase 1: providing a safe path

pilot openings and development of operations - may 2020

in april 2020, cmu partnered with mesa county public health and community hospital to design partial opening plans for the cmu recreation center, the maverick stores and a small number of outdoor recreation facilities. this pilot opening was selected based on what current state and county orders allowed. the openings are meant to test the effectiveness of the team planning and partnerships outlined in this overview.

the focus of phase 1 is also to consolidate the work from each team into an operational plan to be submitted to health officials in june 2020.